Veva humidifier

If you come in search of a cute humidifier that will also kick butt, here it is. The Veva humidifier is as Apple-esque as you can get without actually being from the brand itself.

Standing only about 1 foot tall and 8 inches wide, the all-white, minimal-buttoned Veva is a cute humidifier that works really well. You don’t have to take our word for it, just look at it and decide for yourself. 

Our cute humidifier pick is veva

We’ve reviewed countless humidifiers in our days. We’ve handpicked the best humidifier for bedrooms, large rooms, plants, babies, allergies – you name it, we’ve seen it.

We know a great humidifier when we see one, but not all of the great humidifiers are necessarily a cute humidifier. The Veva humidifier is a stand-out to us to because it looks good and is really an exceptional humidifier. 

Can a Cute Humidifier Have Strong Performance? 

We’ve done a formal Veva humidifier review, but here’s some fast facts for you.

The Veva model humidifies over 300 square feet of area (323 sq ft range), which is about two times larger than the average bedroom size.

It can run for almost 2 full days (45 hours) without being refilled and still humidifying your dry air. 

Even better, the Veva humidifier doubles as a diffuser, too. You can add your favorite essential oil drops into the special aromatherapy box on the side of the model. 

Last but not least, this cute humidifier is also super easy to clean. All you need is 5 minutes of your time, a wet towel and some water/detergent. 

Are Cute Humidifiers Expensive? 

If you’re looking for a cute humidifier, you probably don’t want the extra $50 that comes with most of them. Other aesthetically-pleasing models like the Miro humidifier cost well over $120. You don’t need to spend over $100 on a humidifier just for it not to be an absolute eye sore. At the time of reviewing the Veva humidifier, it was selling for around $50, which for a humidifier-diffuser combination, is very reasonable. 

Veva Cool Mist Humidifier

The Veva humidifier is the best of the best when it comes to a cute humidifier with excellent performance. For starters, it features a 4.5 liter water tank that allows for up to 45 hours of runtime. 

We found that the Veva model has all of the special bells and whistles that people look for in a humidifier. You can adjust the fog level to your liking and it doubles as an essential oil diffuser, too. 

Lastly, it’s very safe with an auto-shut off feature and the ability to set a constant humidity level so your walls, floors and furniture stay intact. 

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More Cute Humidifier Options To Choose From

If the Veva humidifier doesn’t match your style, we found many more cute humidifier options for you to see. Our humidifier experts think we’ve seen just about every humidifier on the market, so we picked over other 4 cute humidifiers to complete our top 5 guide. 

ASAKUKI 500ml Premium

 The Asakuki Premium is a very cute humidifier at a very affordable price. At the time of this article, our review was accompanied by 38,000+ other happy customers, too. 

Asakuki cute humidifier

We enjoyed the remote that was included as sometimes you’re sitting on the couch and want to change the humidity level in your home or turn off the device altogether. 

As with the Veva humidifier, the Asakuki also doubles as a diffuser. 

Downside: With only a 1/2 liter tank, you’ll need to refill this humidifier constantly.

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Frida 3-in-1 Cute Humidifier

If you’re afraid of the dark and enjoyed the Apple-esque appeal of the Veva humidifier, the Friday 3-in-1 humidifier might be your favorite cute humidifier. 

Frida cute humidifier

The Frida is a great humidifier + diffuser combination. Unlike the two humidifiers above, it also acts as a nightlight. 

Downside: For a decently priced humidifier, the Frida was the most difficult humidifier we tested to clean. It accrued mold very quickly as a result. 

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Pure Enrichment PureSpa XL

The PureSpa XL was a great humidifier on most accounts. Its color-changing technology was a nice touch that allows it to match any room decor. 

Pure Enrichment cute humidifier
This device ran for almost 50 hours without requiring a refill. That stretch is tied with the Veva humidifier for the longest of any cute humidifier that we tested. 

Downside: Our biggest complaint with this humidifier was that each time we cleaned it, the device wouldn’t restart right away. 

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Kelmar Ultrasonic Cute Humidifier 

We laughed when we first received the Kelmar humidifier because it was shaped exactly like a water bottle by our humidifier expert. Jokes aside, this humidifier was a lot better than we expected. 

Kelmar cute humidifier

This device has an auto-shut-off feature, which makes some folks super happy and others, not so much. Either way, it has the second-smallest water tank and runtime of any cute humidifier we examined. 

It’s easier to clean and refill water on the Kelmar, which is something that we found very important if you plan to use your humidifier year-round or for a full season. 

Downside: Although performance was fine, we did drop the device and it immediately cracked, rendering it un-usable. We tried to get a replacement via the manufacturer and were unsuccessful. 

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