Photo of Clairy Air PurifierMany us are familiar with the process of phytoremediation, but may not necessarily recognize the term. This process is where plants reduce air pollution by absorbing harmful gases and toxins through their leaves and roots.

Now, a smart plant pot, called the Clairy, is in development that harnesses this pollutant trapping power of plants in order to pump out clean, fresh air into the space around you.

According to the World Health Organization, polluted indoor air causes millions of diseases and deaths each year. In order to help combat this problem, one company is aiming to deliver fresher, breathable air into your home through the use of its smart, natural air purifier.

The Clairy is truly a one-of-a-kind product and nothing else out there exists quite like it. It’s part air purifier, part ceramic flower pot.

This air purifier is powered by real plants. It includes a built-in fan that sucks in the air from the room and pushes it through the root system of the potted plants. Inside the soil lives colonies of microorganisms that work to filter out airborne toxins such as carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde and all sorts of volatile organic compounds.

The company has scientifically tested this product at LINV, one of the most prestigious research labs on plants in Europe and PNAT, a spin-off of the University of Florence in Italy.

The Clairy is outfitted with sensors inside the pot that uses a Wi-Fi module to send real-time updates to your smartphone. It includes both an iOS and Android app that provides you with updates on the toxin levels within the room, its humidity and temperature.

Graphic of Clairy Smartphone App

This product is currently being crowd sourced on and has already surpassed its original goal first stretch goal of $150,000. This additional support will allow the company to add a self-watering system to the Clairy. The next stretch goal is $200,000 and if this is met it will allow the development of an LED light that’s installed on the pot to visually indicate the air quality within the room.

Clairy has also partnered with Eden Projects, a non-profit organization, which will be donating 10 trees for every Clairy sold after the Kickstarter campaign is over and is successful.

“No one should have to sacrifice style for functionality in their home. Even more so, no one should have to sacrifice their health and well-being inside their home,” said Paolo Ganis, CEO of Clairy. “We are excited to offer a beautifully designed solution to the growing problem of indoor air pollution.”

Unfortunately, the plants are not included with the purchase of the Clairy air purifier flower pot, but NASA did put out a list of the best plants for filtering airborne contaminants. Included on this list are English Ivy, Aloe Vera and Snake Plants. View the complete list of plants in this PDF document (View using Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Each Clairy natural air purifier is hand-crafted in Italy and comes in a variety of colors. There are also multiple options and upgrades to choose from depending on the amount of money you are willing to pledge. Pledges start at $150.

The Clairy has been featured on GadgetFlow, Tech Times, Gadizmo, DesignBoom and more.