Photo of SprimoSprimo, a new player in the market of air purifiers has developed a unique way to stand out from its competitors. Not only does this product clean the air around you, but it offers several “smart” features and the built-in air filter can be sent back to the company for a detailed analysis in order to find out what’s actually in the air that you’re breathing.

This is great news for anyone who wants to discover exactly what particles may be causing  breathing problems or health issues while inside the home.

Currently, Sprimo is in the crowdfunding stage and the finished product won’t be available until February 2017, if the company meets its goal.

It does looking promising however, because the company claims that it’s product is 50x more efficient than rival air cleaners and is designed with intelligence in mind. The product also has “smart” capabilities including a touchscreen display, connection to your smartphone and sensors that monitor the surrounding air quality.

The product has also been featured in Yahoo Tech, Engadget, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Uncrate, TechHive, Digital Trends and more.

Another big difference that sets the Sprimo air purifier apart from other products on the market is that the filters can be customized to your environment. This means that the air purifier will aggressively filter contaminants that are prone to the area that you live in.

As of now, the level of specificity on how this customized feature will work have not yet been determined, but Sprimo plans to collect data from air filters that have been returned for analysis in order to determine what the most prevalent pollutants are in a customer’s location.

This in turn will allow the company to fine tune a filter that combats specific air quality concerns. For example, if lab analysis discovers that you live in an area that has a lot of pollen but low carbon emissions, a special filter can be customized to attack those specific types of particles that are present.

“We design our products based on the science and data,” said Ray Combs, co-founder and CEO of Sprimo. “We’re taking our best shot at a first one, and then will see what people need. As we get requests and a greater understanding based on the local environments we can follow up by region, ailment, or possibly personal preference.”

The product also boasts two modes of operation, personal and turbo. In personal mode, the device operates to create a personalized bubble of purified air. In turbo mode, the unit purifies and cleans the air within the entire room.

Sprimo is offering a discounted price of $319 (normally $369) for everyone who pledges to support the first batch of these smart air purifiers. The campaign runs from April 12 – June 9, 2016 with a total fund goal of $250,000. Take a look at the full details of this new smart air purifier and its development team on the Crowd Supply page here.

Once this product is released to the public, we’ll be sure to provide follow up with an in-depth look at it on our air purifier reviews and comparisons page.