Wynd Air PurifierAnother smart, personal air purifier has hit the market place. This time it’s by the company Wynd Technologies, Inc.. and this product also includes an air quality tracker.

The new Wynd air purifier monitors the air quality around you wherever you go and cleans it as needed so you can breathe clean, fresh air.

As we have reported before, the increase in air pollution and airborne allergens are on the rise across the globe and the increase in asthma related conditions, illnesses and allergy issues is likely to skyrocket in the coming years.

While many air purifier companies are still solely focusing on in-home air purifying units, Wynd has developed a portable device that can be taken with you so that you can always ensure the air around you is free of harmful contaminants.

The Wynd air purifier is designed to filter our particles including allergens, mold spores, bacteria, carbon pollution and more.

A full list of airborne particulates it can handle can be seen in the graphic below:

Wynd Particle Filtering Chart

What makes the Wynd system stand out is that it also includes an optional air quality tracker. This tracking device monitors the airborne particulates around you and displays how much of each type is in the air. A nice feature of this tracker is that its detachable and can be used independently from the air purifying device. This allows you to carry it with you and monitor the air quality in a variety of settings where the air purifier cannot go – on a backpack, baby crib, etc.

The major advantage of the air quality tracker is that it works in unison with the Wynd air purifier by sending signals to the device about the specific levels of air pollution around you. This allows the air purifier to change its purification level based on the current air quality.

Wynd Air Purifier and Tracker

Currently, the Wynd comes with an iOS app that connects via Bluetooth. No comment has been made on if an Android app is in development or not. The iOS app provides detailed information on air quality levels and air pollution filtration.

“We set out to create a product that enables a healthy and comfortable air environment wherever life takes you,” said Raymond Wu, CEO and cofounder of Wynd. “Wynd is committed to improving the air quality problem which many people around the world encounter on a daily basis, whether from allergens or industrial pollution.”

A full list of Wynd features include:

  • Portable – Small design allows you to take it practically anywhere
  • Proprietary airflow design – Inspired by rocket turbine engineering to maximize purification power while minimizing noise
  • Medical-grade filter – Captures a wide range of harmful airborne particles and also kills many bacteria and germs
  • Optional Air Quality Tracker – Easily detaches from the Wynd air purifier and can be taken anywhere. Includes a clip for you to attach to a belt, bag strap, etc.
  • Auto mode – Adjusts air-cleaning level based on air quality reports from the sensor
  • iOS App – Syncs with the Wynd air purifier via Bluetooth and provides detailed air quality data
  • Filter Replacement Indicator – Alerts you for when it’s time to replace the filter. A subscription service is available to automatically send you a new filter when it’s time for a refill or simply order a new one through the iOS app.

The Wynd air purifier has already reached its project goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter.com and is currently still in the engineering development stage. Manufacturing and shipping of the first round of products is scheduled for November 2016.