Levoit Vital 100 Review Air Purifier

Are you worried about the invisible particles that are floating around in your home?

Are you concerned that you might be breathing in harmful pollutants that could impact your health?

Can the Levoit Vital 100 air purifier clean the air for you as well as they say?

To help you with your decision, we’ve put together this comprehensive Levoit Vital 100 review.

After looking at the features and capabilities of the Levoit air purifier Vital 100, you’ll have all the information you need to determine if this is the right unit for you.

So, keep reading to see if the Levoit Vital 100 air purifier has to offer for you and your health.

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Levoit Vital 100 Review

If you didn’t know this already, Levoit air purifiers are currently the most popular air purifier brand in North America. And we highly recommend them as the best air purifier for home use.

Levoit air purifiers are manufactured by Etekcity Group and there are multiple air purifier models available to meet a variety of individual needs.

What makes the Levoit Vital 100 air purifier a great option to consider is that it’s not very expensive and has amazing air cleaning performance and room size coverage. In fact, we often recommend it as one of the cheapest air purifiers with the best value that you can buy.

This model works hard to ensure that the air inside your home is as fresh and clean as it can be.

Levoit Vital 100 Air Filter Types

Levoit Vital 100 Air Purifier

The Levoit Vital 100 air purifier has a three-stage filtration system to remove the most common (and harmful) pollutants from your indoor air.

Those filters include:

  • Pre-filter – This pre-filter has the ability to capture large particles that include dust, hair, pet fur, dirt, and lint. It also protects the other internal filters from getting damaged.
  • True HEPA filter – The True HEPA filter in the Levoit Vital 100 has the ability to capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. This includes ultrafine pollutants such as mold spores, dust mites, bacteria, some viruses, pollen, and thousands of other allergens.
  • Activated Carbon filter – With this filter, you’ll be able to absorb unwanted odors produced by cooking or smoke. It can also remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are invisible toxic gases commonly found in indoor air.

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Levoit Vital 100 Room Size Coverage

Although the Levoit air purifier Vital 100 is a compact device, it has enough power to clean the air in a room up to 500 square feet in size.

You can also boost the air cleaning performance by using it in a smaller room up to 300 square feet as you’ll discover in the next section on the ACH rating.

This level of air cleaning power makes the Levoit Vital 100 a good choice to use in large rooms like living rooms, open concept areas, the master bedroom, or the basement.

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Levoit Vital 100 ACH Rating

Every air purifier has an ACH rating and this stands for “Air Changes Per Hour”.

ACH basically tells you how many times the air purifier can exchange the polluted air with clean air every hour.

The Levoit Vital 100 air purifier has a 4x ACH rating for room sizes up to 300 square feet.

That means this air purifier can exchange the full volume of air four times each hour (every 15 minutes) in a room that size.

However, you also have the option of using the Levoit Vital 100 in a large room up to 500 square feet.

If you do that, the ACH rating drops to 2x which means this air purifier will clean the entire volume of air twice each hour (every 30 minutes).

Our best advice here is that you use the Levoit Vital 100 air purifier in small to medium size rooms if you suffer from severe allergies or have respiratory issues like asthma or COPD. Doing so will ensure you get the maximum air cleaning performance every hour to keep you breathing well.

You can also check out our best air purifier for asthmatics page if you want to compare the very best units for asthma relief.

If you don’t have any serious health issues then you can get away with using this air purifier in a larger room without any worries since it’s more than capable to purify the air in a large space.

Levoit Vital 100 CADR Rating

For this Levoit Vital 100 review, it’s also helpful to know how well it works to remove specific particles from your indoor air.

The CADR rating, which refers to the Clean Air Delivery Rate, gives you that information.

CADR reveals how well the air purifier can remove dust, smoke, and pollen from the air.

To ensure you are getting a good air purifier, the CADR rating numbers should be at least 2/3 the size of the room that it’s rated to clean.

In this case, the Levoit Vital 100 air purifier can clean a room between 300 to 500 square feet.

The Levoit Vital 100 CADR rating scale is 130 CFM.

So, the CADR rating on this air purifier is a bit low, less than half the minimum room size coverage (300 square feet).

That score doesn’t mean this is a low-quality air purifier, but it just tells you that it won’t extract airborne pollutants as good as a more expensive air purifier that has a 200 CFM CADR rating, for example.

Levoit Vital 100 Top Features

Levoit Vital 100 Controls

The Levoit air purifier Vital 100 is a simple device that doesn’t come with a ton of features.

But the top features it does include that that make it well worth the price are:

  • 3 Fan Speeds – This allows you to turn up or down the air cleaning power depending on how fast or slow you want the air to be cleaned in the room.
  • Check Filter Indicator – This feature lets you know when it’s time to change the filters in your Levoit Vital 100 air purifier. There’s no need to guess.
  • Timer – The timer function can be set for 2, 4, or 8 hours, and the unit will shut itself off automatically when the timer runs down.
  • Quiet Operation – This air purifier only creates 23 decibels of sound, which makes it best to use in a bedroom or living room where noise levels need to be low.
  • Display Off – This feature lets you turn off the display lights so nothing shines on the unit.

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Levoit Vital 100 Design and Size

The Levoit air purifier Vital 100 is not a very big unit and is rectangular in shape.

This air purifier also comes in a nice white finish, so it will blend in well in any room.

As for the exact dimensions and weight, these include:

  • Width: 13″
  • Height: 16″
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

It uses a side-to-top airflow system, with large air intake grilles on each side of the unit to take in the surrounding room air and air outlet vent on the top to distribute the clean air into your space.

The controls for the Levoit Vital 100 are located on the top of the unit, making them easy to access so that you can change any of the settings to meet your needs.

Who is the Levoit Vital 100 Air Purifier for?

With the Levoit Vital 100’s ability to remove harmful pollutants from the air, it can be a great addition to any home, office, or apartment.

However, those who might benefit the most from this air purifier include the following:

  • Individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma and need an affordable air purifier for a small to medium size room.
  • Individuals who are sensitive to smoke and other smells.
  • Individuals with pets in the home and need to get rid of pet dander and hair.
  • Individuals who want a large room air purifier that provides a general level of air cleaning performance.
  • Individuals who want to see less dust collecting in the home.

Levoit Vital 100 Warranty Information

The Levoit Vital 100 comes with a basic 1-year warranty. If you register your air purifier for free, then you can get another year added to the warranty. The company will also give you community rewards, which can be used on your next Levoit air purifier purchase.

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Levoit Air Purifier Vital 100

Still not sure if the Levoit air purifier Vital 100 is the right air purifier for you?

In our opinion, this air purifier offers excellent value at a low price to deliver fresh, clean air for you to breathe.

But, if you’re still not convinced, check out more Levoit Vital 100 air purifier reviews on Amazon to see what other people have to say about it.

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We hope those comments and this Levoit Vital 100 review are beneficial in helping you make a final decision.