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Are you thinking about getting a GermGuardian AC4825 air purifier for your home?

Are you wondering if it will be effective at removing impurities from the air and improve your health?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to find answers to your questions.

Below, you’ll find our comprehensive GermGuardian AC4825 review to let you know just how well this machine actually works/

Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma, or you just want generally clean air in your home, you need to have the right air purifier to get the job done.

And fortunately, this air purifier is an affordable option (under $90) that’s equipped with the special technologies that have been proven to effectively remove harmful particles from the air.

Let’s dive into the air purifier reviews and look at the specifics of this unit to see if it’s the best unit for your home.

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GermGuardian AC4825 Review

The GermGuardian AC4825 is a simple tower-design air purifier that’s easy to use and has great air cleaning abilities. What it lacks in fancy features (when compared to more expensive models), it makes up for in advanced air purification. Overall, it’s a great value and is perfect for small spaces.

We’ll get into the full details in the next section of our GermGuardian AC4825 review, but the UV-C light strip is worth a quick mention.

A blue light shines in a small strip around the top of the air purifier, which makes it look like a modern and sophisticated machine.

While this light won’t cause you any harm, it does add a unique feature to the air purifier that lets you know that the UV-C function is working. It can also double as a night light if you’re using this air purifier in a bedroom.

Next, we’ll describe how each of the air cleaning filters works.

Filter Types

Photo of GermGuardian AC4825 Filters

The GermGuardian air purifier AC4825 has a powerful 3-in-1 filtration system that helps it remove the widest range of indoor contaminants.

Those filtering types include:

  • Activated Carbon Pre-filter – This does double duty:
    1. Traps the larger particles so the True HEPA filter lasts as long as possible
    2. Reduces household odors, smoke, and chemical vapors in the air (i.e. pet smells, tobacco smoke, cooking odors, and volatile organic compounds).
  • True HEPA Filter – This filter has the ability to remove 99.97% of pollutants as small as 0.3 microns in size. This includes dust, dust mite waste, pollen, allergens, mold spores, pet dander, and some forms of bacteria.
  • UV-C Light – This is where this air purifier really outshines the competitors. The UV-C light destroys harmful microorganisms and pathogens. Viruses such as staph, the flu, and rhinovirus are taken out of your air to reduce the chances of you or your family getting sick. The air purifier also contains Titanium Dioxide to further protect you against volatile organic compounds that might be in the air.

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Room Size Coverage

The GermGuardian AC4825 air purifier has been rated to work in rooms up to 167 sq. ft.

While it’s not as powerful as more expensive air cleaners, this model can be beneficial in the following spaces:

  • Smaller living rooms
  • Apartments
  • Bedrooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Home offices

The ideal person for the GermGuardian air purifier AC4825 is someone who wants an affordable air purifier (under $90) that can be used for small and personal spaces.

Or, something that can be easily transported from room to room.

It’s also a good air purifier to use in a small office and ranks high on our best office air purifier list.

Here's how other GermGuardian air purifiers we've reviewed compare:

GermGuardian AC4825 CADR Rating

The CADR rating on an air purifier is a crucial stat. And the GermGuardian AC4825 has excellent numbers.

To prove that their machines work hard to purify the air, many manufacturers will have them independently tested by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) to get a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

The purpose of these tests is to determine how well the appliance can filter out pollen, tobacco smoke, and dust from the air.

To be considered “efficient,” the machine needs to have at least a 2/3 rating for each number when compared to how many square feet it covers.

The CADR ratings for the GermGuardian AC4825 is more than adequate:

  • Dust: 118
  • Smoke: 108
  • Pollen: 125

For the size of the GermGuardian AC4825, these are good numbers, and you can expect it to get rid of many harmful elements that might be in your air (allergens, bacteria, and viruses) as well as reduce unpleasant odors.

GermGuardian AC4825 ACH Rating

The ACH rating is another important feature to look for on any air purifier.

This refers to the “Air Changes per Hour”, which is how long it takes for the air purifier to cycle the air in a room.

The GermGuardian AC4825 air purifier has an ACH rating of 4X.

For rooms that are up to 167 sq. ft. in size, this air purifier will exchange the full volume of air 4 times an hour.

That means every 15 minutes your air is getting recycled with cleaner, fresher air while this machine is running. Over time, up to 99.97% of contaminants get be stripped from the air around you.

Top Features of the GermGuardian AC4825

The GermGuardian air purifier AC4825 is a simple machine.

And it doesn’t come with as many advanced features as some of the other air purifiers you’ll find today; however, it has everything it needs to be effective at improving the air quality in your home.

That’s why it’s so popular among consumers and has received thousands of positive reviews.

Photo of GermGuardian AC4825 Features

The top features include:

  • Filter Change Indicator – This light on the top of the machine will let you know when it’s time to switch out the filters for maximum efficiency.
  • Variable Fan Speeds – It comes with three fan speeds that can be controlled by a dial.
  • UV-C Light Control – This button allows you to turn the UV-C light off and on. (We suggest that you always leave it on for continuous protection against bacteria and viruses).
  • UV-C Bulb Replacement Indicator – When the UV-C bulb on this machine needs to be replaced, there’s an indicator on the control panel that will let you know it. This ensures that your air purifier is working at full power against all airborne contaminants.
  • Carrying Handle – An easy way to transport this air purifier to different rooms.

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Design and Size

The GermGuardian AC4825 comes in two colors: black and white.

It has a smooth, sleek tower design with the air intake grill located on the back and the fresh air output vents on the front.

The controls are located on the top.

The top of the air purifier is silver, adding some sophistication and style to the air purifier and the overall modern design helps it blend well with most any décor you might have in your home.

The dimensions and weight of this air purifier are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 22″ (H) x 9″ (W) x 5.5″ (D)
    Weight: 7 pounds

This air purifier is relatively small and compact, as well as incredibly light. The size and weight make it easy to take with you around the house if you don’t want to buy separate air purifiers for each room of your home.

Who is the GermGuardian AC4825 for?

To ensure you’re getting the most valuable information from this GermGuardian AC4825 review, we wanted to list the people who would get the most benefit out of this air purifier.

The GermGuardian AC4825 would work best for the following individuals:

  • People who suffer from allergies.
  • People who suffer from asthma.
  • People who smoke moderately.
  • People with pets that shed dander or leave behind odors.
  • People who are looking to remove harmful bacteria, viruses and mold spores from the air so they can stay healthier.
  • People who want a cheaper air purifier with powerful air cleaning functions.

Hopefully, this information will help you make the right decision. But if you want to learn more about the true power behind ultraviolet air purifiers like this one, then check out our page answering the question, “do UV air purifiers work?”. It covers the benefits and capabilities of a device like the GermGuardian AC4825.

GermGuardian AC4825 Air Purifier Warranty Information

This air purifier comes with a 3-year limited warranty that claims that the parts of the air purifier will be free from defects.

The warranty repairs have to be completed by Guardian Technologies LLC and genuine Guardian Technologies replacements parts and accessories have to be used in the machine. Otherwise, the warranty is void.

What Others Have to Say About the GermGuardian AC4825 Air Purifier

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