Best chemical air purifier

Are you worried about the level of chemicals in your indoor air?

Are you looking for the best chemical air purifier to get rid of these unhealthy pollutants?

If so, you’ve landed on the right page.

Below you’ll find the most in-depth guide and expert reviews on the best air purifiers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

By choosing one of the air cleaners on this page, you’ll not only save yourself hours of research, but you’ll also get one of the best air purifiers for chemicals that can handle volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from paint fumes, petroleum, building materials, formaldehyde, nitrous oxides, aerosol sprays, perfumes, even air fresheners, and more.

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Best Chemical Air Purifiers Reviewed in This Guide

Here’s a quick comparison chart showing the top air purifiers for chemicals. We’ll cover each aspect of these units in the reviews section below, but this gives you an idea of what’s available and an easy way to compare them.

ImageAir Purifier DetailsPrice
IQAir GC MultiGas Air PurifierIQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier
  • Best overall chemical air purifier
  • 12 lbs. of Activated Carbon
  • Coverage: 1,125 sq. ft.
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Airpura F600 Air PurifierAirpura F600 Air Purifier
  • Thickest air filter for chemicals
  • 18 to 26 lbs. of Activated Carbon
  • Coverage: 2,000 sq. ft.
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AIRMEGA 400S Air PurifierAIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier
  • Top Wi-Fi air purifier for chemical sensitivity
  • Dual Activated Carbon filters
  • Coverage: 1,560 sq. ft.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
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Molekule Air PurifierMolekule Air Purifier
  • Destroys chemicals at the molecular level
  • Uses PECO nanotechnology
  • Coverage: 600 sq. ft.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
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Molekule Mini Air PurifierMolekule Mini Air Purifier
  • Smaller version of the Molekule air purifier
  • Uses PECO nanotechnology
  • Coverage: 250 sq. ft.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
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Levoit LV-PUR131 Air PurifierLevoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier
  • Cheapest air purifier for MCS
  • 1-inch thick Activated Carbon filter
  • Coverage: 360 sq. ft.
  • Wi-Fi version available
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Blueair 605 Air PurifierBlueair 605 Air Purifier
  • High-efficiency air purifier with chemical filter upgrade
  • 2-4 lbs. of Activated Carbon in the SmokeStop filter
  • Coverage: 700 sq. ft.
  • Wi-Fi enabled
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Hathaspace Air PurifierHathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier
  • Has a 5-stage air filtration system
  • Best affordable air purifier for chemical removal
  • Coverage: 350 sq. ft.
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Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air PurifierAustin Air HealthMate Plus Air Purifier
  • Best value air purifier for chemicals with powerful performance
  • 15 lbs. of Activated Carbon
  • Coverage: 1,500 sq. ft
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Best Air Purifier for Chemical Sensitivity Reviews

The IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier in White

1. IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier

If you want the best chemical air purifier available, then is it.

The GC MultiGas air purifier from IQAir features a medical-grade filtration system that is designed to battle the effects of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and keep the air in your home free of chemicals and other harmful particles.

It does this by using a HyperHEPA filter which is powerful enough to trap any ultrafine particle in the air as well as multigas cartridges with 12 lbs. of activated carbon.

Ultrafine particles are the hardest of all particles to capture since they are so small, but with this air purifier’s powerful filter and triple-seal technology and post-filter sleeves, they stay trapped in the machine.

Plus, the EvenFlow diffuser delivers clean air into through room with a 320º arc for better efficiency.

We also consider this the best air purifier for chemical sensitivity because of the excellent room size coverage. It can handle large rooms up to 1,125 square feet and remains very quiet while it’s cleaning the air.

It also doesn’t emit any annoying drafts.

This air purifier also features a new edition fan with an upgraded motor. This means it’s able to function powerfully yet remain energy-efficient, saving you money and helping to protect the environment at the same time.

It even comes with a remote control so you can control it without having to leave your chair.

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The Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air Purifier in Black

2. Austin Air HealthMate Plus Air Purifier

If you’re looking for a powerful unit that will produce super-clean air in your home, then you can’t go wrong with the Austin Air HealthMate Plus air purifier.

This powerful chemical air purifier features a 4-stage filtration system that is highly effective against all VOCs and airborne contaminants.

The filtration system works as follows:

Air is sucked into the purifier and comes into immediate contact with the pre-filter. This is where larger particles, like dust and pet hair, are trapped.

Any particles that get through the pre-filter are then met by the medium filter, which acts as a backup for the pre-filter and stops any medium-sized particles from entering the next stage of filtration.

Next, the True HEPA Filter gets to work and captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This includes things like mold spores, allergens, and certain bacteria.

Finally, the airs get passed through a filter with 15 lbs. of activated carbon impregnated with potassium iodide, and it’s here that the VOCs and chemical pollutants get trapped.

This amazing air purifier is capable of covering rooms up to 1,500 square feet so it’s ideal for the largest rooms indoors.

It also features an innovative 360º suction design, drawing in air from all directions and leaving no corner of your home or office untouched.

Backed by a five-year warranty and sturdy construction, this is an air purifier for chemicals that is built to last.

In many ways, this unit has been designed especially for the unique air quality needs of those suffering from severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

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The Airpura F600 Air Purifier in three colors

3. Airpura F600 Air Purifier

The stylish, rounded design of the F600 air purifier from Airpura and its choice of three colors makes it an interesting addition to any home or office.

It’s not just aesthetically pleasing though.

This is the best air purifier for chemical sensitivity with the largest coverage. It’s capable of cleaning the air in rooms up to 2,000 square feet.

Featuring a True HEPA filter that works alongside an Activated Carbon filter, this chemical air purifier will trap any particles in the air while reducing the levels of any chemical pollution including formaldehyde, ammonia, and other VOCs.

You’re given the option to choose between 18-26 lbs. of activated carbon when purchasing this air purifier, which equates to a potential 3-inch thick filter.

The Activated Carbon filter will last up to 2 years without needing to be replaced, giving you extra value for money as well as ensuring the air in your home is free of chemical and gas particles.

Operating this air cleaner couldn’t be easier either. It features a simple dial that adjusts the fan speed setting and doesn’t have any complicated displays, touch buttons, or smart features.

This makes it a great choice for anyone who might not be too confident using advanced technology or doesn’t really need those functions in an air purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

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The AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier in White

4. AIRMEGA 400S Air Purifier

The Airmega 400S smart air purifier from Coway is another good chemical air purifier for large rooms.

Although it’s a compact unit, it still has enough power to clean the air in a room as large as 1,560 square feet.

It features dual suction technology to draw air in from both sides of the unit which is then passed to the Max2 filter set.

Once the air reaches the filters, its first point of contact is a pre-filter that traps larger airborne particles.

Air is then passed through to the True HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter layers to reduce 99.97% of particles including pollen, VOCs, and chemical fumes before pumping clean air back into the room.

You won’t have to worry about guessing when it’s time to change your filter either, as the air purifier will alert you using the indicator on the top of the machine.

This fantastic chemical air purifier also features real-time air quality monitoring through a built-in pollution sensor. It then uses the information it reads to automatically adjust the fan speed accordingly.

This air cleaner will even keep you updated on the quality of the air in your room using a color-coded ring system that ranges from “Good” to “Very Unhealthy”.

You can also use preset timers to power the unit off after a set amount of time, saving your energy consumption.

The smart technology used in the construction of this air purifier for chemicals gives you the ability to operate it using your smartphone using the downloadable app.

This means you can power it on and off, set personalized air cleaning schedules, and adjust the fan speed settings easier than ever before.

It’ll even send notifications directly to your iOS or Android device to let you know when the filters need to be changed.

As you can see, this is the best air purifier for chemical sensitivity with modern controls and design.

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The Molekule Air Purifier in Silver

5. Molekule Air Purifier

Aside from its sleek design and 600 square feet of coverage, the thing that makes this chemical air purifier from Molekule really stand out from the crowd is that it destroys chemical pollutants rather than simply trapping them.

But how does it do this?

It features advanced PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) filtration technology that works by first pulling air through the 360º intake and passing it through high-efficiency outer filter layers.

These layers then trap the larger particles and slow down any VOCs running through the filter.

The PECO filter then comes into play. This is coated with a nanocatalyst, is activated by an interior UV-A light, and begins to generate hydroxyl radicals.

These radicals attack the pollutants trapped in the outer filter layers and turn them into trace gases, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

This all sounds very scientific, but the entire process essentially means that any chemical pollutants drawn into the air purifier are destroyed and not a single percentage is released back into your home.

PECO filtration also eliminates mold spores, bacteria, and some viruses, so you can rest assured that the air in your home is as clean as it’s ever been when using this air cleaner.

This is a user-friendly air purifier too and features a touch-screen conveniently located directly on the top of the machine.

It can also be operated with a smartphone by syncing it up with your home’s Wi-Fi network.

The integrated leather handle is also a nice touch, making it the best air purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity that can easily be moved from room to room.

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The Molekule Mini Air Purifier in White

6. Molekule Mini Air Purifier

If you’re impressed by everything the previous best air purifier for chemical sensitivity has to offer, but need something smaller, then the Molekule Air Mini could be exactly what you need.

The reduced size of the machine gives you up to 250 square feet of coverage while maintaining its particle-destroying performance.

As with the larger version, the Molekule Air Mini features PECO filtration technology that works by drawing air through the 360º intake and running it through high-efficiency outer filter layers.

This is where larger particles get trapped and VOCs are slowed down.

The PECO filter then uses UV-A light to generate hydroxyl radicals which, in turn, convert the particles into trace gases.

This means that any chemical pollutants are eliminated along with bacteria, mold spores, and some viruses.

The reduced size of this chemical air purifier makes it ideal for smaller rooms and offices.

Plus, it can be easily moved between rooms with the built-in fabric handle if you want to take it with you.

You’ll need to be fairly tech-savvy to use this air purifier though. It doesn’t feature a digital display and is designed to be operated through your smartphone and the downloadable app.

There is a power button located on the top of the unit for easy on and off control.

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The Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier in Black

7. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

With a good Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR rating) for 360 square feet, the Winix 5500-2 air purifier is one of the most effective models you’ll find for removing chemical particles and pollutants from the air in medium-sized rooms.

Any air sucked into the purifier goes through a 4-stage air filtration process.

This begins with a fine mesh pre-filter that traps the largest airborne particles. This filter is washable too, which saves you from having to purchase regular replacements.

Once the air has gone through the pre-filter, any particles left behind meet the AOC Carbon filter. This removes VOCs and gases and acts as a defense for the next phase of filtration.

The third layer is a True HEPA filter. This is where microscopic particles become trapped and 99.97% of mold spores, allergens, dust, and microbes are pulled from the air.

Finally, PlasmaWave technology generates charged ions that work with airborne water vapor to create hydroxyls to destroy most bacteria and viruses as well as chemical vapors, gases, and odors.

To prove that the air purifier is working effectively, there’s an LED Air Quality Indicator light located on the top of the unit.

This light tells you the quality of the air in your home at any given time.

If the air purifier senses that the air quality is poor, then the unit will automatically adjust the fan speed to generate a more powerful performance.

It also has an automatic sleep mode that senses darkness and reduces the noise level accordingly, which makes it a good bedroom air purifier for chemicals and anyone with MCS.

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The Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier in White

8. Levoit LV-PUR131 Air Purifier

Providing enough air cleaning power for a 360 square feet room, the LV-PUR131 air purifier from LEVOIT is the ideal choice for many people’s needs.

Its effectiveness comes from the 3-stage air filtration system.

The first component of this system is a pre-filter that catches larger particles such as dust, hair, and lint.

The air then passes through to the True HEPA Filter where finer particles like pollen, ultrafine dust, bacteria, and smoke particles are trapped.

Finally, the high-efficiency honeycomb-style Activated Carbon filter reduces chemical vapors, formaldehyde, and other volatile organic compounds from your indoor air.

This air purifier also features some clever controls that make operating it a lot easier.

These include a Smart Auto Mode, which uses a sensor to read the air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed settings accordingly.

You can even leave it running at night without any fear of it disturbing your sleep thanks to the 27dB noise level and the option of switching the LED display off.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can even integrate this air purifier with a virtual assistant such as Alexa or Google Home if you upgrade to the Levoit LV-PUR131S version.

This upgrade allows you to control every aspect of this air purifier through your smartphone or tablet.

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The Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier in White

9. Blueair Classic 605 Air Purifier

The Classic 605 air purifier from Blueair features a powerful fan that draws all types of airborne particles towards it.

This, partnered with its certified Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR rating) of 500 cubic feet per minute, means that not a single corner of your home is left with unfiltered air in large rooms up to 700 square feet.

Despite it’s super powerful, 3-speed fan, this air purifier functions with an almost-silent noise level while still achieving a 99.97% filtration efficiency.

This is thanks to the HEPASilent filtration system which uses a combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration to electrify particles down to 0.1 microns in size.

The unit then draws pollutants straight towards the filter media where they get trapped.

Clean air is then pumped directly back into your room at a rate of 5 air changes per hour.

This air purifier will also let you know when it’s time to change the filter too, taking all of the guesswork out of it and helping to ensure you’ve got clean air at all times.

It’s worth noting, however, that this air purifier doesn’t automatically remove chemical pollutants from the air. To do this, the additional purchase of a SmokeStop Filter needs to be made to turn it into a powerful chemical air purifier.

By being able to capture such a variety of particles and volatile organic compounds, this air purifier is ideal for people that suffer from chemical and dust allergies alike.

It’s simple to use as well and features an intuitive design with self-explanatory buttons, allowing you to adjust fan speed quickly and easily.

You can even integrate this air purifier with your virtual assistant, so you can control it from the comfort of your mobile device.

The downloadable app also gives you the ability to set air cleaning schedules and monitor your indoor air quality in real-time.

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The Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier

10. Hathaspace HSP001 Air Purifier

Our final recommendation for the best air purifier for chemicals is this popular unit by Hathaspace.

What makes it such a good air cleaner is the advanced 5-stage air filtration system.

Not only does it remove volatile organic compounds and other chemicals in the air, but it’s also good for eliminating dust, allergens, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, bacteria, and odor particles.

First, air passes through the Nano Cold Catalyst filter that removes toxic household chemicals like formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene as well as larger airborne particles like dust, hair, and pet dander.

Second, the Activated Carbon filter traps even more VOCs, gases, and smoke pollutants.

Third, the air gets cleaned by the Antibacterial filter which contains nano-materials that destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi that pass through the system.

Fourth, the True HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The last stage of air filtration is the Ionizer that releases negative ions into the air to neutralize contaminants so they’re easier to capture by the other internal filters.

As for room size coverage, this unit is can purify rooms up to 350 square feet.

If you want the best air purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity with total air purification at an affordable price, then this may be the top air purifier for your needs.

It includes a ton of air cleaning features that make it go above and beyond a standard air purifier for chemicals.

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Chemical Air Purifier Buying Guide

If you’re considering purchasing an air purifier for your home, there are a few things you need to consider.

If you’re simply looking for a way to clean the air and remove dust particles, you most likely won’t need anything as specialized as the models we’ve listed above.

However, if you suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), finding the correct air purifier for your needs is crucial.

What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

Often referred to as “MCS”, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a medical condition that is brought on by low-level exposure to chemicals and chemical particles in the air.

This includes such things as smoke, scented products, paint fumes, pesticides, petroleum, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

There’s also research to suggest that the symptoms MCS causes are an immune response to allergies.

The most common symptoms associated with MCS are nausea, headaches, and extreme fatigue.

However, there are also many more serious symptoms associated with it too. These include breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, and chest pains.

How is MCS Treated?

Sadly, MCS doesn’t have a cure, and “there is debate [within the medical community] as to whether multiple chemical sensitivity should be classified and diagnosed as an illness,” reports John Hopkins University, which can make treating it extremely difficult.

Therefore, preventative measures are the best line of defense against its potentially life-threatening symptoms.

Many people choose to turn to homeopathic remedies, digestive aids, and even acupuncture as a way of fighting the symptoms of MCS.

However, before taking such drastic action, the best place to start is by creating a safe space in your home.

This space should be fitted with the right size air purifier that can filter out chemical particles from the air.

Your space should also be free of any known triggering substances.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Chemicals?

Air purifiers do remove chemicals if they have the right types of filters. To remove chemicals and gases, the best air purifier for VOCs needs more than a HEPA filter. It must have an Activated Carbon filter or PECO filter to trap airborne chemicals, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Environmental Protection Agency states that “concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. VOCs are emitted by a wide array of products numbering in the thousands.”

Therefore, a good air purifier can help remove airborne chemicals and VOCs in the home when used correctly.

Can an Air Purifier Help with MCS?

While there is no proven treatment or diagnosis for those that suffer from MCS, it would stand to reason that an air purifier would be able to alleviate some of the symptoms and prevent them from recurring.

This is because an air purifier works to pull any chemical particles and allergens out of the air and trap them within its filtration system.

These units will then release the cleaned air back into your home or office where you’ll be able to breathe freely without inhaling as many harmful particles.

There are many advantages of air purifiers, but for people with MCS, having the cleanest, freshest air possible is the most important.

What is the Best Air Purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

Best air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivity

The best air purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is the IQAir GC MultiGas air purifier.

This unit features a medical-grade filtration system that’s designed specifically for battling volatile organic compounds and other airborne chemicals that affect Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

It does this by using a HyperHEPA filter which is powerful enough ultrafine particles in the air as well as dedicated multigas cartridges for gases and chemical vapors.

Plus, this unit cleans the air in large rooms up to 1,125 square feet which is more than enough power for most people’s needs.

It also remains super quiet while it’s operating and it doesn’t emit any annoying drafts.

The IQAir GC Multigas air purifier is the best air cleaner for use all year round, even in the winter months.

How to Choose an Air Purifier for Chemicals

Best air purifier for chemicals

As we’ve mentioned above, to build your safe space and help to alleviate the symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, you’ll need a specialized air purifier.

There are certain features to look out for when you are shopping for the best air purifier for chemicals, and we’ve listed these below to help make the process for how to buy an air purifier easy to do.

Room Size

The first thing you want to consider is how to choose the right size air purifier. This will help you narrow down your selection.

Some units are designed to cover smaller spaces, while others can clean the air in much larger rooms.

With that in mind, keep an eye out for the square footage your potential new air purifier can cover and select accordingly.

It’s also worth looking at how many air changes it can produce per hour over the space you’re covering. Any unit with 3X, 4X, or 5X ACH rating is a good choice.

The idea of an air purifier is to keep a constant supply of clean air pumping out of the filter continuously.

Buying an air purifier that’s too small for a room won’t be able to produce the results you need.

Luckily, figuring out both room size and air exchange capabilities can be made easy by looking at each CADR air purifier rating (Clean Air Delivery Rate).

The CADR rating reflects the volume of air (measured in cubic feet) an air cleaner can effectively filter within a certain size space (i.e. room).

Generally speaking, the higher the CADR, the more effective the air purifier is for all types of airborne contaminants.

Filtration System

The filtration system is the most important part of any air purifier and is what determines how to choose an air purifier for a specific purpose (e.g. chemical removal vs pet dander control).

This is where the chemical particles and allergens will be drawn out of the air and captured, so it’s crucial to get the best filters possible for your needs.

The best chemical air purifier will use filtration systems that operate in different stages.

This is usually in either 3, 4, or 5 separate parts, with the first stage being an air purifier pre-filter.

The pre-filter is designed to trap larger particles, such as animal hair or lint, and stop them from getting to the more advanced filtration stages.

One thing that any air purifier for chemicals or MCS absolutely must have is an Activated Carbon air filter. This special filter is the only type that can trap chemicals, gases, and vapors and prevent them from being released back into the air.

An Activated Carbon filter is therefore an essential component of any air purifier being used for MCS. And, the higher the quantity or pounds, the better.

You’ll also have the choice between HEPA and PECO filtration systems. Each of these is quite different, and we’ll look at HEPA first.

A HEPA filter is designed to catch physical particles (such as pet hair, dust, mold spores, and other allergens) and prevents them from passing through the machine and being released back into the room. This is why it’s considered the best air filter for allergies and relief.

PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) filters are a little more advanced than HEPA filters and, instead of trapping the particles, they destroy them altogether.

It does this by using UVA-A light energy to activate a nanocatalyst coating surrounding the filters and generating hydroxyl radicals.

These hydroxyls then turn the chemical particles into trace gases and release them back into the air as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

A PECO filtration system is definitely a good choice for anybody who suffers badly from MCS as there is absolutely no risk of the chemical particles being released back into your indoor air.

Automatic Features

Another great thing to look out for when you’re selecting your air purifier is what automatic features it offers.

These added perks will act as your personal assistant and ensure that the air your breathing at home is as clean as possible at all times.

The most effective air purifiers have built-in pollution sensors. These work by scanning the air quality of the room and automatically adjusting the fan levels when necessary.

They’ll also give you an indication of the air quality by displaying a certain color on the unit or a message.

This helps to give you peace of mind that your safe space has clean air and, if not, that your air purifier is working hard to rectify the problem.

Some air purifiers also have a Sleep Mode. This varies from brand to brand but includes features such as switching off the display light and reducing the noise level, allowing you to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

All the while, your air purifier is working away to keep the air in your room clean.

Ease of Use

An air purifier that you find confusing or difficult to use will cause no end of frustration, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re comfortable with its functionality before selecting too.

Luckily, you’ve got a couple of options here.

The method for how some air purifiers work is with touch-sensitive buttons and dials that can be easily operated. These make a good choice for older people or for anybody that isn’t too confident using advanced technology.

If you’re a fan of a Smart Home, then an air purifier with Wi-Fi capabilities and virtual assistant integration could be a good choice for you.

The best smart air purifiers are particularly useful if you’re feeling the effects of MCS and want to set your air purifier to work on a specific schedule throughout the day or allow you to monitor the indoor air quality in real-time.


Finally, it’s a good idea to set yourself a budget and try sticking to it as much as possible.

When you begin shopping around, you’ll notice that air purifiers come in a wide range of prices and some of the best affordable air purifiers have more capabilities than others.

So check all of the features and key points we’ve listed above, and you might be surprised to find the perfect air purifier for a small room at a fraction of the price you expected to spend.

Chemicals an Air Purifier Can Remove

Air purifiers with a large volume of activated carbon and a good True HEPA filter or PECO filter are very effective at removing chemicals and VOCs like the following:

  • Acetone
  • Acetic Acid
  • Alcohol
  • Benzene
  • Butanal
  • Carbon Disulfide
  • Ethanol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Gasoline
  • Methylene Chloride
  • Pesticides
  • Petroleum
  • Smoke VOCs

According to this research, “symptoms are precipitated by a wide array of common environmental agents”, including:

  • Aerosol air freshener
  • Aerosol deodorant
  • After-shave lotion
  • Asphalt pavement
  • Cigar smoke
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Colognes, perfumes
  • Diesel exhaust
  • Diesel fuel
  • Dry-cleaning fluid
  • Floor cleaner
  • Furniture polish
  • Garage fumes
  • Gasoline exhaust
  • Hair spray
  • Insect repellant
  • Insecticide spray
  • Laundry detergent
  • Marking pens
  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Oil-based paint
  • Paint thinner
  • Perfumes in cosmetics
  • Public restroom deodorizers
  • Shampoo
  • Tar fumes from roof or road
  • Tile cleaners

Chemicals That Air Purifiers Cannot Remove

There are some chemicals that cannot be removed effectively by air purifiers, including:

  • Radon
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide

Due to the composition of these chemicals, they cannot be trapped by activated carbon or removed by air purifiers. They must be removed at the source.

To monitor for these types of lethal chemicals, it’s best to install sensors in your home to sound the alarm when they are detected. If the alarm goes off, evacuate the home immediately and call emergency services.

Enjoy Your New Air Purifier for Chemical Sensitivity

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to choose the best air purifier for chemicals.

As you learned, there are certain types of air filtration systems that are good for removing chemical vapors.

By choosing any one of the best chemical air purifiers reviewed here, you can rest assured that you’re getting a good quality air purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) that keeps the air around you healthier to breathe.

Now choose the one that’s right for you!

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